September 15, 2020

SNOW 20//20
December 5th - January 31st 2020


Neue Ausstellungseroeffnung am 5. Dezember, 2019 um 19:00 Uhr SNOW 20//20 von NIQ NANU DAAH

With her Snow Series, NIQ NANU DAAH is decoding signs and symbols. She takes pleasure when they play colorful games by way of their mysterious metamorphosis in micro-ton-ality. She knows about the transformation and vulnerability of these tiny, hexagon-shaped ice crystals that consist of trillions of water molecules. Not one is alike another.

On her canvases she captures particles, surfaces, as well as precipitation, discovering ways and forms to display this crystal madness, thus interpreting snow in incredibly diverse ways.

She is walking alone, but always comes back with certainty, even from the iciest roads, knowing that beyond steep, snow-covered peaks, new horizons and worlds await.

The metamorphosis of snow starts when the 'white blanket' covers the landscape. 

The ice crystals morph together, creating a porous mass with changing density. 

The permeable mass of snow makes the world stand still. The acoustic waves are dampened as they are totally absorbed by the snow.

With her snow work, Niq Nanu Daah is feeling these sounds; this music of spheres that constantly transforms in nature now becomes visible through her color rhythms, lucidly audible color melodies, and never-ceasing forms. 

She enables her Snow_BIRD to quaver, her choir that consists of Snow_GODDESS, KING, Snow_MAN, Snow_BUTTERFLIES, Snow_MONKEY and YOU to chant in harmony- this takes heart.